365 Integrates Freedompay As A Kiosk Payment Option

365 Retail Markets now allows FreedomPay® payments via key fob or employee badge in order to make purchases from 365 micro market kiosks. FreedomPay has been added as a preferred payments partner on all 365 SmartHUB payment centers.

Using FreedomPay, customers now have the added option of integrating with their company’s existing FreedomPay deployment. FreedomPay allows users to use a key fob or company badge utilizing RFID technology to store account balances and make purchases.

“365 is always looking for ways to expand the methods of payment on our payment centers. We felt that FreedomPay’s excellent reputation within the industry and market-leading customer base was a perfect fit for us. We look forward to introducing MicroMarkets to FreedomPay’s customers,” said Joseph Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets, in a prepared statement.