Upstate Networks Launches RFID Vending Machine Security Badge

Upstate Networks, Inc.(UNI), a computer engineering, design and manufacturing firm, announced the launch of a Weigand RFID security badge to interface with the vending industry standard MDB.

The Weigand to MDB interface product is a hardware interface installed inside the vending machine which connects to a RFID proximity reader mounted on the front of the vending machine and connects to a central server using a standard internet connection. The server software is custom built and contains various options for approval, tracking and billing.

RFID proximity reader models currently supported: GE and HID 125 kHz Proximity readers. GE model T-520SW.

"The W2MDB™ interface combines the convenience of the employee ID Badge for vending machine purchases,” said Chris Smolen, Upstate Networks president, in a prepared statement. “A simple yet powerful convenience for employees and management alike, rewards, incentives and purchases are completely managed, using the Weigand to MDB."