Red Diamond Announces New Single-Serve Format

Red Diamond, one of the three oldest coffee, tea and foodservice companies in the U.S. continuously operated by the same family, announced it would be offering its coffee and tea products in single-serve format, leveraging LBP Manufacturing’s UpShot™ Solution.

This next-generation “flow-through” technology offers the ideal single-serve experience, according to Red Diamond. The filter features a proprietary mesh that allows customers to see and smell the coffee or tea from the moment they open the fresh seal outer packaging. Unlike conventional single-serve systems, the UpShot filter’s mesh screen offers multiple points of contact for water. Finally, the brew cup is compatible with most single-serve brewers and is made from 100 percent polypropylene, making it recyclable along with other no. 5 plastics.

“While our company has a long history of innovation, our single-serve product is a game changer for us and the millions who enjoy Red Diamond daily,” said Dave Burke, executive vice president of retail distribution at Red Diamond, in a prepared statement. “We wanted more than just the convenience of a single-serve. Consumers spoke loudly that they couldn’t see or smell the coffee in conventional single serve options, both critical components of the coffee experience. They also were vocal in their desire to recycle the containers. There had to be a better way.”

To ensure Red Diamond consumers get the most satisfying cup of coffee from their single-serve product, the cup contains 13 grams of coffee, versus the industry standard of 11 grams of coffee.

Burke continued, “Well, now there is. Enjoying coffee’s aroma and seeing the rich color, before brewing, is critical to a joyous experience. Now they can fully savor the moment, with Red Diamond blends that are consistently preferred against other national brands. And when they’re done, they can recycle the plastic and we will make it new again.”