Tassimo Discs Scannable At 365 Retail Micro Market Kiosks

Tassimo Professional and 365 Retail Markets announce the capability to scan a Tassimo T-Disc with 365 micro market point-of-sale systems.

Tassimo Professional is an intelligent single-cup brewing system that prepares premium specialty beverages and gourmet coffee with the touch of a button. 365 Retail Markets is a leading developer of micro market self-checkout solutions and the only micro market provider to allow customers to fully self-brand their markets. With their latest innovation, the Tassimo Professional T-Disc's proprietary bar code can now be scanned by 365 Retail Markets POS system, benefiting both consumers and micro market operators, according to the release.  

Tassimo Professional T-Disc's proprietary barcode system also benefits micro market operators who can now efficiently manage inventory.  Using individual T-DISC scanner sales data, operators can predetermine a micro market’s hot beverage restocking needs and drive lower cost through centralized product picking. Additionally, offering premium beverage brands like Gevalia, Twinings and Suchard instantly creates customer satisfaction and encourages cross-selling opportunities for the operator, according to the companies.

"365 is always looking for ways to develop our technology to help micro market profits,” said Joseph Hessling, CEO of 365 Retail Markets, in a prepared statement. “By integrating the Tassimo proprietary barcode system with the 365 self-checkout technology, we not only help some of our best existing customers use their preferred coffee brand, we also open up our technology to all of those companies looking for a micro market/Tassimo solution."