Vendors Exchange’s Lewin, Ferguson Retire

Vendors Exchange International is announcing the retirements of General Manager Steve Lewin and Equipment Sales/Purchasing Associate Barry Ferguson. 

Lewin has been with VEI for 6 years, but spent several years consulting for the company prior to coming on board full-time in 2007 as the general manager. He has overseen a period of tremendous growth in the company, starting when VE was strictly a dealer of used equipment and new replacement parts, to the company becoming a leader in innovation for the vending industry, with moves in touch screens, custom graphics, control boards and several other ventures, most notably the expansion of the company's repair business.

Ferguson has been with the company for 41 years, spending the majority of his time purchasing used equipment and building relationships with several key accounts.  Ferguson also runs a trucking company that has made thousands of pick-ups and deliveries for VE over the years. He will continue to run his trucking company, even in his "retirement" from VE.

The company wishes to thank both Lewin and Ferguson for their hard work and dedication to making VEI a leader in the industry.