NAMA, Industry Block California Beverage Tax Increase

Thanks to NAMA and participating vending industry members, the California State Senate made the procedural move to hold Senate Bill 622 on the suspense calendar, stopping the beverage tax legislation from moving forward this year.

Senate Bill 622 would have imposed a penny-per-ounce tax on the distribution of beverages including soft drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, and enhanced waters. Furthermore, it would have resulted in higher prices on hundreds of products sold at restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores and vending machines.

Upon hearing the good news, NAMA’s Senior Vice President of Government Affairs Eric Dell, issued the following statement: “This is a win for all Californians. I would like to thank the California Automatic Vendors Council members, the American Beverage Association and Californians for Food and Beverage Choice for all of their efforts in opposing this bill. NAMA’s increased member advocacy at the state and local levels and our expanded outreach with industry partners all helped defeat legislative proposals detrimental to the industry and our customers.”

NAMA’s Government affairs division will continue to monitor and advocate against this legislation, as it could become active again next year.