John Sheehan Of TNT Amusements Passes Away At 91

John Sheehan, an active member of the amusements community for more than 60 years recently passed away. He was 91. Sheehan worked for TNT Amusements Inc. in Southampton, Pa. for more than 20 years reconditioning Shuffle Bowling Alleys and topped 500 of them.  He officially retired just shy of his 90th birthday from TNT.

“Our men learned a lot from a true old pro of the industry, and he passed on his skills and knowledge to many of them,” said Todd N. Tuckey, president in a prepared statement. “John started in the amusement business in 1951 at the Scott Crosse company in Philadelphia, Penn. and stayed in the industry right up until retirement.  We were sorry to see him leave us in late 2011, but he continued to visit us every month.  We also left his workbench open and available in case he decided that he wanted to come out of retirement.”