Breakroom Provisions Partners With Kimble Food by Design

Breakroom Provisions Co. recently announced its partnership with Kimble’s Food by Design, a provider of vending, corporate cafeteria and catering services to businesses in the La Grange, Ga. area. In an effort to bring innovation to industrial workplaces, Kimble has opted to replace some of its vending locations with micro markets, choosing the Breakroom Provisions market system as well as software provided by ECR Software Corp.

Kimble also made a special request for one of its largest locations where a micro market and cafeteria share the same space. The micro market segment has dual kiosks that accept cash. A third kiosk is opposite the micro market, in what Kimble calls the hot-bar corporate cafeteria. The payment system in the cafeteria is strictly a cashless point-of-sale (POS) kiosk.

"Now, on one side of the space they have a micro-market with two self-checkout kiosks and the other side has a cafeteria set up with a cashless POS," explained a Kimble spokesperson, in a prepared statement. "Customers going through the POS line pay via credit, debit or a pre-loaded employee card…By eliminating cash handling, the lines go much faster, enabling employees to actually have time to sit down and enjoy their lunch, which was a big problem before."

In this one location alone, Kimble has experienced an 18 percent sales lift since the micro market installation. Read full whitepaper.