Vending Machine Game Makes Second OneShow Appearance

The lastest release of Snack WarZ , the game app that allows the vending machine to be the hero by killing monsters with snacks and beverages, will once again be at the NAMA OneShow.

The mission of the game is to help NAMA and the industry at the same time, according to Ted Smoot, vice president of, which created the game. Representatives will be demonstrating the game on mobile devices during the show.

The vending-focused video game is hoped to entertain and encourage vending in younger users who enjoy apps.

According to Smoot, this new version of the game has a new team, a new look and updated game play with 18 new levels. Players earn coins (in-game) that can be used to buy “upgraded” snacks. Social sharing features also allow users to share game level they just completed. Snack WarZ is available for both iPhone and Android devices.