Renowned Grassroots Advocacy Leaders To Speak At OneShow

NAMA announces that its members have an exclusive opportunity to learn from the foremost leaders in the advocacy sector during the OneShow Grassroots Advocacy Session April 24 in Las Vegas, Nev. Leveraging a duo of respected leaders in the field, participants will learn how to use their positions as business owners to influence legislation.

“We have carefully selected two of the most-respected innovative grassroots leaders in the industry to share their insights, strategies and tips with our members,” said Eric Dell, senior vice president of government affairs for NAMA, in a prepared statement. “Our goal is to provide a relaxed learning environment for NAMA members who have limited experience with grassroots efforts to empower them to take action.”

The NAMA OneShow is a unique annual event where operators, both large and small, and from every industry segment – vending, refreshment services, foodservice and micro markets – come together to interface with top-tier suppliers. It’s a must-attend event for connecting with what’s next in products, services and technology in the vending industry, according to NAMA.

The session during this conference, titled “Grassroots Advocacy: How to win at the Local, State, and Federal Government Level,” will blend informational lectures, question and answer sessions and role-playing scenarios presented by veteran political strategist Matt Rodriguez and Michigan Distributors and Vendors Association President Polly Reber. Rodriguez is the director of the American Beverage Association’s coalition-building efforts in California and brings more than 15 years of grassroots advocacy experience to the table, including extensive strategic work on President Barack Obama’s grassroots election efforts. Reber is a former lobbyist who now owns PTR Consulting, L.L.C., a full-service issues management and business consulting firm, specializing in government relations, advocacy, communications, grassroots organization and media relations. Reber and Rodriguez will be joined by Sandy Larson, NAMA senior director and counsel for government affairs and Sheree Edwards, NAMA regional legislative director.

Admission to this session is included with participants’ NAMA OneShow registration.