DS Waters Acquires K&K Bottled Water Co.

DS Waters of America, Inc., owners of the Standard Companies, Inc. including Standard Coffee Service, announces the acquisition of K&K Bottled Water Co. in Sulphur, La. One of the country's largest providers of bottled water, brewed coffee and water filtration services, DS Waters is pleased to add the K&K bottled water customers to the DS family and looks forward to satisfying these customers' needs into the future.

Customers in the city of Lake Charles and surrounding parishes will now be able to order flavored drink mixes, hot chocolate and coffee products along with their water delivery. They can also manage their account and delivery schedule online.

"To ensure a smooth transition, we are contacting customers directly and incorporating the new routes immediately," Glen Sanders, vice president, general manager south east region, DS Waters said in a prepared statement.

K&K Enterprises will continue to offer water softening services from its Jennings, La. office.

"We are constantly looking for ways to improve our beverage offerings and delivery services to ensure that our customers are delighted," said Tom Harrington, president and CEO, DS Waters, "and we look forward to earning the loyalty of K&K customers over the next few months."