AVT Launches Kreation Fresh Squeezed Juice Vending Machine

AVT, Inc. recently announced that they have completed installing their new automated fresh squeezed juice kiosk at the Kreation Juicery in Beverly Hills, Calif. According to the AVT release, Marjan Sashar, owner of Kreation Juicery, said the outdoor machine lets customers pick up a quick bottle of fresh squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. Her crews have to work extra hard to keep the machine stocked. "It keeps on running out, we keep on feeding it," Sashar commented in a prepared statment. "I hired more people. It's been fantastic."

The system is just down the street from another famous automated retailing unit, the Sprinkles automated cupcake self-service center. "Our neighbor (Sprinkles) also had a 24-hour vending machine," Sashar said. "We had a lot of requests for us to do the same thing."