AVT Opens Marley Coffee Sales Headquarters

AVT, Inc. announced that they have opened a new sales office dedicated to Marley Coffee.  The AVT Marley Coffee sales headquarters features a large showroom, and will be staffed with personnel that focus on obtaining locations for AVT-owned Marley coffee systems, and assisting entrepreneurs and business owners obtain and operate a Marley Coffee Automated Cafe.

AVT is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Marley Coffee branded kiosks and automated coffee stores, and will put 2,000 company-owned units into the market within the next 2-years, and has projected sales from these systems to top $24 million by year-end 2014.

Automated "Marley Cafes" can brew a cup of coffee at a fraction of the cost, according to the company. Some Marley Cafes come with seating areas that allow patrons to get a cup of coffee and relax.

"We don't…think that retail will completely die off," said Brent Toevs , CEO of Marley Coffee. "But we think that the bricks and mortar approach will rapidly retrench as new, more affordable delivery methods take their place."

"The Marley Cafes are the way of the future," said Shannon Illingworth , CEO of AVT, Inc. "Why put up a large retail store like Starbucks, with all the associated overhead, when for a few thousand dollars, you can produce a better cup of Marley gourmet coffee, and place these self-service cafes virtually anywhere? We can put a beautiful Marley Coffee Automated Cafe almost everywhere that people congregate, even in places that could never hold a Starbucks, like office and apartment buildings, college campuses and hotel lobbies, to name a few."