NAMA Salutes Cornerstone Investors In Positioning For Growth Campaign

As Positioning for Growth nears the $4 million mark, the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) is recognizing those companies whose contributions have built the important foundation for the capital campaign.

“With thanks for their leadership, we recognize NAMA members who comprise the Cornerstone Investors for the Positioning for Growth campaign. These companies, who have given to the campaign at this distinguished level, have not only helped with their commitment, but have successfully inspired others to invest at unprecedented levels,” said Jim Terry, chairman of the Positioning for Growth campaign, in a prepared statement.

Specifically, cornerstone investors are those companies who have invested in NAMA with commitments totaling more than $100K, to be paid through the next five years. Companies at this investment level have also established themselves as channel leaders and represent nearly all of the major member verticals of the association: Canteen Vending and Aramark Refreshment Services (Operator), Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Coffee, Tea, Water & Ice), AdvancePierre Foods, General Mills, Mondelez International (Supplier), Vistar (Distributor).

“We simply can’t say enough about the significance of the support these companies have provided and the positive impact it has had on the campaign overall. Their actions have encouraged leadership, not only through financial commitments but also through their time and dedication to ensure the campaign’s continued success,” said Dan Mathews, NAMA executive vice president and chief operating officer.

“As we move forward in our Positioning for Growth campaign, we continue to encourage participation from all levels of membership and certainly plan to maximize every dollar that comes in,” said Mathews.

“That said, this special recognition for the Cornerstone Investors is well-deserved and we look ahead at the exciting opportunities that these commitments and others allow us to plan for in the near future,” said Matthews.