Firestone Financial Renews Rewards Program

Firestone Financial Corp. a leading provider of equipment financing, announced that it will once again offer Firestone Partners, its rewards program for the vending industries.

“We had over 100 customers earn rewards from this program last year. The program is free and simple, the more you finance the higher your reward at the end of the year. ” said Jim Hines, Firestone’s vice president of sales, in a prepared statement.

Ernie Barberio of Barberio Music, Les Sandler of Scene 75 Entertainment Center and George Yost of Snacks for a Purpose all earned thousands of dollars with Firestone Partners, according to the company.

“The rewards program is great because I receive cash back for a service I already use,” commented Yost.

The program pays a half a percentage point, or a minimum of $250 on all business funded in 2013 for those customers that finance above their annual target. Customers have two ways to redeem their reward; they may opt for cash back or receive membership with the National Automatic Merchandising Association.