VendScreen, Inc. Begins Production of VendScreen Revolution™ Smart Device

VendScreen, Inc., inventor of the VendScreen Revolution™ smart device for new and existing vending machines, is happy to announce it is currently producing the first wave of VendScreen Revolution™ units for deployment among select vending machine operators. VendScreen Revolution™ is the brainchild of Paresh Patel, one of the largest vending machine operators in the Pacific Northwest, and Founder and CEO of VendScreen Inc., and Glenn Butler, long time technology innovator, and Co-Founder and CTO of VendScreen, Inc.

In April, after a successful launch at the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA) OneShow in Las Vegas, Patel said, in a prepared statement, “I wanted to get this device perfect as a vending operator. I assembled a world class team and now we are ready to roll.”

VendScreen Revolution™ comes equipped to offer cashless payment acceptance, display of nutrition information and the ability to issue instant refunds. The device fits into the credit card slot of all modern vending machines and uses an Android platform to provide telemetry and credit card processing, which fully incorporates Near Field Communication (NFC) technology so consumers can use Google Wallet and Isis through their mobile phones to make vending machine purchases.

Patel and Butler initially met as part of NAMA’s Vending Data Interchange (VDI) task force.  Butler was instrumental in implementing the existing DEX VDI standards and Patel had taken a leadership role on credit card settlement. Both are currently working to make VendScreen the most VDI compliant choice for operators.

VendScreen Revolution™ uses VSSync; VendScreen’s own syncing utility, which works seamlessly with operators who have MEI or Streamware software to make sure planogram and nutrition information is current, available and accurate. The company is also releasing iOS and Android software to allow smaller companies without a Vending Management Software (VMS) to manage nutrition information through the cloud.

 “This is the most exciting project I have ever worked on,” stated Butler. “Our industry really needs a facelift to give consumers a better experience. We are not sure what the future holds, but we know we can expand this platform for the benefit of both customers and operators, and we worked hard to get it right.”

VendScreen, Inc. is working with select operators and bottlers to deploy the first VendScreen Revolution™ units. Also near production is an OEM version of the smart device, which will initially support Wittern’s 7” touch screen.