Mark Kronenberg Honors Father’s Memory

Mark Kronenberg, president of CompuVend Systems, remembers his father as a leader, innovator and tutor within the vending industry. “I owe a lot to my father who was a great teacher, not only to me but also to many vending operators around the country. He always enjoyed discussing vending and helping people run their company’s more successfully. His eagerness to help companies is why we are so successful.”

“Alan was always an innovator and tinkerer, he always tried to find better ways to do things,” said Mark Kronenberg. This included working with Mark to develop computer software for use in their business. In 1978 they purchased a Radio Shack model 1 computer (the IBM PC was not introduced for another six years) and began automating Food Management Corp., a foodservice, vending, catering, and coffee service business Alan started in the New Orleans area. As word spread about their software running on a personal computer, people inquired about purchasing it. Alan and Mark realized that the software was very specific to Food Management operations and did not have the flexibility to be used by other companies. Alan and Mark used their connections and experience to learn how other companies operated. They used this knowledge to redesign their software and together started CompuVend Systems. In 1982, they first exhibited the software at the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s trade show because it was in their hometown of New Orleans. Since then CompuVend has continued to grow as it celebrates 30 years in business.

“Even though he has been semi-retired for the past several years, Alan’s advice, knowledge, and positive attitude will be missed by his many employees and people throughout the industry,” added Mark.