Wichita-Based Operator Hosts Trivia Contest For National Coffee Service Month

PrairieFire Coffee, a market leader in office coffee service headquartered in Wichita, Kan., hosted a coffee trivia contest at one of its customer locations, during the first National Coffee Service month this September.

PrairieFire's dynamic coffee trivia contest featured questions emailed each day to more than 500 Emprise Bank employees.

The contest really resonated with employees. "It created 'out of the ordinary' experiences on otherwise normal days, said Jeff Deitchler, general manager at PrairieFire, in a prepared statement."It was fun for everyone and employees looked forward to the question of the day."

The contest is one of many of the ongoing efforts PrairieFire makes with customers to generate excitement and to differentiate PrairieFire from its competitors. On a business-building level, the contest helped the company reestablish the value of professional coffee service.

"We've also leveraged this opportunity to educate decision-makers at employers about what coffee service means to employees and how it can improve productivity and morale," said Deitchler. "At the end of the day, it is a great way to keep our existing customer base enthused about the service we provide and it was a win-win to engage our customers, particularly employees at Emprise, on a different level."