Report Examines Sugar And Sweeteners Market

Research and Markets announced the addition of the "Global Sugar & Sweeteners Market Report - 2011 Edition" report.

In the global sweeteners market, sugar occupies the dominant share, followed by high fructose corn syrup and high intensity sweeteners. High intensity sweeteners presently do not hold a large share in the sweeteners market, but they offer immense potential of growth in future on the back of the advantages that they provide over the traditional caloric sweeteners.

Worldwide sugar production had witnessed an increase for the past two years, mainly because of increased sugar supply from the two major sugar producing regions, Brazil and India. In terms of consumption, the global sugar market had shown continuous increase, since sugar is a necessity product and its consumption increases with the increase in population and per capita income. India, EU-27 and China are the three largest consumers of sugar worldwide.

Geographically, North America is the largest market for high intensity sweeteners, followed by Europe. Although the high intensity sweeteners are found to be safe in use, but to avoid any side effects, every high intensity sweetener has a specified ADI (acceptable daily intake) limit, which specifies the quantity of the sweetener to be safely consumed.

The present report analyzes the global sweeteners market, highlighting the sugar and high intensity sweeteners market.

Regionally, the US market for caloric sweeteners and high intensity sweeteners, Brazilian sugar market and Chinese market for caloric and high intensity sweeteners are being analyzed by the present report entitled Global Sugar and Sweeteners Market: 2011 Edition.

The major trends in the sugar market, as well as the major industry drivers for the sugar and high intensity sweeteners are also being discussed here.

The three major HIS players including PureCircle, Tate & Lyle and Danisco are profiled in this report highlighting their major financials and significant developments.

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