Apriva Processes More Than $2.06 billion In Wireless Payments In Second Quarter, A 16.8 Percent Gain Over 2011

Apriva, a provider of end-to-end wireless transactions and secure information solutions, announced that its wireless point-of-sale (POS) gateway processed over $2.06 billion in wireless payment transactions during the second quarter of 2012, a gain of 16.8 percent over the same period in 2011. The figure comes on the heels of Apriva’s strong first quarter performance, which saw the company process $1.86 billion in wireless transactions.

Through the first six months of 2012, Apriva processed some $3.92 billion in transactions, representing a 19 percent improvement over first half figures from 2011. 

“Apriva has been experiencing quarter-over-quarter transactional growth over the past several years, and we’re delighted to see that this trend is continuing well into 2012,” said Paul Coppinger, president of Apriva in a prepared statement. “What’s particularly noteworthy is that this strong performance was across all lines of business, including our gateway services, mobile payment applications, and unattended payments. It’s also worth mentioning that these increases occurred while we were in the midst of refining some of our operations to provide better customer service, and develop new solutions. Throughout all of these activities, our business hasn’t missed a beat, which is extremely gratifying.”

Among the operational improvements Apriva recently announced includes expanded 2G wireless coverage to ensure that its customers maintain seamless connectivity for processing transactions.

AprivaPay™, Apriva’s mobile payment application, has seen sizable growth throughout the year. A fully flexible and reliable mobile payment solution, AprivaPay enables mobile merchants to accept card-based payments through smartphones, tablets and browser-based phones. It is compatible with the iOS, Android™, Windows Mobile® and BlackBerry® operating systems. It incorporates Apriva’s robust security features, and supports optional readers/printers, enabling merchants to project a more professional image to consumers.

An end-to-end solution that gives vending operators the ability to cost-effectively integrate cashless vending into their operations to improve customer satisfaction, Apriva Vend™ leads to increased operational efficiency, and expanded sales and profit margins. Apriva Vend’s comprehensive service incorporates system hardware and software, wireless connectivity, transaction and alarm reporting capabilities, and integration with leading payment processors and financial institutions.

“Apriva’s recent growth has been substantial, and by all measures, certainly appears to be sustainable over the long-term,” said James Brehm, senior analyst with Compass Intelligence, a San Antonio-based market research firm. “While its multiple business units are all exhibiting strength, the common thread remains its core gateway services, which is considered among the most secure and reliable solutions in the industry. The combination of a powerful gateway and compelling services should continue to serve Apriva well as mobile commerce activity continues to escalate over the next few years.”