Intel Corp. Exec Sees Growth For Intelligent Vending

Raj Maini, Intel Corp.'s marketing director for digital signage worldwide, predicts digital signage and mobile payments give vending machines an interface that allows the consumer to interact with it, according to For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: This article gives a good overview of the vision that many observers have for the vending industry, given the capabilities of digital signage technology and mobile payments. This Intel Corp. official notes that a digital signage vending kiosk can become "in a lot of ways the ultimate opt-in interactive branding experience."

While this is all very exciting, no one can say with any certainty how long it will take for this technology to emerge in the field. The technology is very expensive and there is a big investment needed to bring market.

Some observers have noted that the support of national name brand food and beverage companies will play an important role in supporting the implementation of the new technology. A handful of companies, including Kraft Foods Inc., Coca Cola, PepsiCo Inc. and Starbucks Corp. have already invested in the new technology. More are needed. 07-31-12 By Elliot Maras