Gold Kiosk Operator PMX Gold LLC Contracts With U.S. Vending Machine Manufacturer

PMX Gold, LLC, which operates gold kiosks, signed a non-disclosure agreement with a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of equipment and accessories for the vending industries, headquartered in the U.S.

"Within the next month we expect our new state of the art dispensing terminal prototype will be ready, it will have a totally new look and include new features based on key learnings obtained from the marketing pilot launched in Boca Raton, in December 2010," said Managing Director Meris Kott in a prepared statement. 

The new PMX terminals will comprise of a more user-friendly interface for gold dispensing of newly branded line of .9999 gold bullion bars and coins. The gold units will be incorporating features focusing on a higher level of security and customer service.

Further information about PMX Communities can be obtained at

Editor’s Insight: This company claims that its gold kiosks has done exceptionally well, despite skepticism expressed by several observers, including TV and radio host Clark Howard. Howard, on his CNN TV show, indicated the gold vending machines are being driven by widespread but misplaced consumer belief in the rising value of gold.

At this point in time, it’s hard to know if Howard’s assessment of the gold kiosk is correct. Are consumers patronizing the machine because they think gold is an investment, or is the machine such a novelty that it generates a lot of impulse purchases? 07-11-12 By Elliot Maras