Keurig Inc. Sues Rogers Family Co., Lincoln, Calif., For Single Cup Coffee Patent Infringement

Keurig Inc. has sued Rogers Family Co. in Lincoln, Calif. for patent infringement by offering to sell beverage cartridges, such as its “OneCups,” that are advertised for use with Keurig’s single-serve beverage brewers. The complaint was filed U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

The complaint notes Rogers’s Website and the packaging for its product identify Keurig’s, and only Keurig’s, single-serve brewers as compatible for use with its “OneCups.”

The complaint asks for an injunction enjoining Rogers from further committing direct infringement of its patents, award compensatory damages and profits earned by Rogers due to its infringement of one of the patents.

Jon Rogers, founder of Rogers Family Co., disputed the claims. “We think the suit is without merit. We think our product is not a ‘me too’ product,” he told VendingMarketWatch.