Coinstar Analyst Claims Self Serve Market Has Arrived

An analyst for Coinstar claims in a recent interview that the vending machine could be retooled for the Internet age, noting today’s technologically savvy shoppers are a prime market for a new lineup of self-serve products ranging from cafe-grade coffee refurbished iPods, according to The Seattle Times. For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: Coinstar is at the forefront of pioneering new self service concept that expand well beyond traditional vending. The Seattle’s Best Coffee kiosk is well under way. Refurbished consumer electronics is another idea Coinstar is pioneering, as is kiosks that let people pose and take pictures of themselves with creative backgrounds.

An important point to consider is that not every idea will be a winner. Technology is creating lots of opportunities, but it’s not possible to move forward on a new idea with absolute certainty that it will succeed. Sometimes you have to move forward on your gut instinct and accept the fact that an idea might fail.

Automated retailing will change the way people conduct many of their daily functions. 06-11-12 By Elliot Maras