Newspaper Profiles Wisconsin Vending Companies’ Healthy Snack Options

The Appleton Post Crescent in Appleton, Wis. recently profiled healthy vending programs offered by Fond du Lac, Wis.-based A To Z Vending and New Berlin, Wis.-based Aramark, which the companies note have has increased in recent years due to a larger variety of available healthy snacks. To read the article, click here

Editor’s Insight: Most vending operators know that businesses want to offer healthier options to employees. But nowhere in this article does it actually say that the sales of healthier items are increasing. If the healthier items are in fact increasing, it’s because the vending operators are allocating more facings to these items.

The conflict between what customers say they want and what they actually buy can make a vending operator very cynical about wellness programs, but operators must resist this. Government, industry and the public at large recognize rising obesity is a problem that demands attention. It will take years to change consumer habits. Habits will change one small step at a time. 06-05-12 By Elliot Maras