Wall Street Journal Editorial Ties New York City Attack On Large Size Soda To Rising Health Care Costs

The Wall Street Journal cited New York Mayor Bloomberg’s plan to outlaw large size sugary drinks as a sign that rising health care costs, much of which has been absorbed by the government, is resulting in more restrictive rules. The editorial also notes that according to the Centers for Disease Control, calories consumed from soda have declined by 39 percent since 2000, yet obesity has increased. To read the editorial, click here

Editor’s Insight: The theme of this editorial – that rising health care costs are the root cause of Bloomberg’s plan – was further explored in an opinion piece by Wall Street Journal editorial writer Homan W. Jenkins, Jr. on Saturday, June 2, the same day the editorial appeared. Jenkins gives some historical perspective to these “nanny state” initiatives and notes that government did not begin infringing on personal decisions until government began assuming the rising cost of health care.

That’s a scary revelation, one that everyone in the foodservice industry (and many other industries) has to recognize.

Rising health care costs are probably the biggest threat to this country’s economy. As taxpayers and consumers alike become aware of this, they are more likely to sympathize with mandates, even if they don’t like them. 06-04 12 By Elliot Maras