Center For Disease Control Examines Causes Of Larger Size Meals

The Center for Disease Control examines the causes of larger portions being served in restaurants, according to The Mayo Clinic’s nutrition wise blog. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: Portion control has taken on new importance among health and nutrition experts in light of rising obesity and larger portions being served in restaurants. It makes sense that larger portions have some bearing on weight gain. This is the basis of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial proposal to outlaw larger size sugary drinks in foodservice establishments.

The fact that commercial foodservice establishments have supersized portions as a way to boost sales has resulted in a backlash against the foodservice industry.

This Mayo Clinic report notes that many restaurants have offered smaller portions in response to this concern. However, given the choice between a larger size and smaller size offering, most consumers will opt for the larger size. At least for the time being and in the foreseeable future.

Consumer behavior will not change until consumers become better educated about nutrition. Schools have begun to provide more nutrition education, but it will take time before this education has an impact on actual behavior. 06-04-12 By Elliot Maras