New York State Automatic Vending Association Asks Members To Support Gov. Cuomo By Participating In June 26, 2012 Fundraiser In New York, N.Y.

Brian Gill, president of the New York State Automatic Vending Association, sent a letter asking all members to support Gov. Andrew Cuomo by participating in a Cuomo fundraiser June 26, 2012 at The Plaza in New York City. Gill notes the association is working hard to raise the sales tax exemption to $1.50 and notes that supporting Cuomo’s fundraiser will demonstrate the association’s importance to the General Assembly that the association.

“We are at a point with the Assembly that could go either way, and we MUST get more involved as an industry, rather than as a few representatives,” Gill wrote in an email. “Please remember, they are interested in people numbers….votes.  So please dig deep and support this event to show our political leaders in Albany that we mean business. We don't want to see the vending industry lose any more jobs in New York.  We want to become a healthier industry that will prosper under this political leadership, so please show your support.”

To reserve tickets, or to join the host committee, contact Cuomo’s office at 212-551-9441 or email Tom Giordano at