Seaga Partners With Fresh Healthy Vending

Seaga announced its partnership in North America with Fresh Healthy Vending. Together the companies will be offering the Fresh Healthy Vending Café version of the company’s popular Saeco Diamante vending machine model. This partnership comes just one year after its North American entry into the Saeco line of gourmet espresso and coffee equipment.

“First and foremost, as we've learned through more than 25 years of vending experience, you have to start with a durable, dependable platform and the highest quality components," said Steve Chesney, President of Seaga in a prepared statement. “Fresh Healthy Vending is a company we felt an immediate bond with because of our mutual focus on quality and attention to detail.”

Creating an exclusive system with the high-demand Diamante vending machine model came as a natural fit with Fresh Healthy Vending. Since its inception it has already placed over 1,500 healthy food vending machines around American and Canada.

The Fresh Healthy Vending Café provides healthy, natural and organic foods and cold beverages on demand, and also offers gourmet organic coffee drinks, such as lattes, mochaccinos, chai tea, and more. The organic coffee is crafted with freshly ground beans, just like at the corner gourmet coffee shop. Fresh Healthy Vending has been working on an exclusive organic blend of coffee beans specifically for this machine and the result provides a unique flavor and experience.

The combined commitment of Fresh Healthy Vending and Seaga in offering the best equipment and quality products in an automated system, represents a new opportunity. Fresh Healthy Vending has identified an exciting trend in vending, that being freshly ground organic coffee, and they put a twist on it by adding healthy snacks.

“The company continues to innovate and pioneer, which is a perfect vehicle for success, which is what Seaga found attractive” said Chesney.

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