Esio Beverage Co. Partners With Kraft Foods On Hot And Cold Beverage System

Esio Beverage Co. has entered into a strategic agreement with select Kraft Foods refreshment beverage brands for use in its Esio Beverage System.

The Kraft brands to be launched with the Esio Beverage System this fall will be Crystal Light (including the popular Mocktails – low-calorie non-alcoholic beverages recently featured on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice) and Country Time Lemonade.

“Partnering with Esio is yet another way to ensure our beverage brands are where our consumers are looking,” said Doug Weekes, vice president, refreshment beverages, Kraft Foods, in a prepared statement.

“The technology embedded in the Esio hot and cold beverage system is a game changer for the industry and fits well with our future focus on concentrates and innovative ways to reach the consumer,” Weekes said.

Walmart will serve as the premier launch retail partner for the Esio Beverage System, becoming available in stores this fall.

“The introduction of the Esio hot and cold beverage system to the general public represents the first product designed to meet the need for hot and cold ready-to-drink beverages in a single convenient system,” said Frank Leonesio, founder and CEO of Esio Beverage Co.

“While we have been successful in the home and office markets, Esio is very excited to offer Kraft’s brands in this revolutionary beverage system at retail,” Leonesio said.