Canteen Service Co. of Kentuckiana Acquires Williams Food Service Assets In Louisville, Ky.

Canteen Service Co. of Kentuckiana, a Canteen franchise based in Owensboro, Ky., recently purchased the assets of Williams Food Service, which provided mobile catering and full-line food and beverage vending services in the Louisville region since 1928.

Canteen Service Co. of Kentuckiana, serving the metropolitan Louisville area and 15 other counties in Kentucky and Indiana, came into being after a group headed by Owensboro businessman Jack T. Wells purchased the Canteen Service Co. of Owensboro earlier this year.

"We are very excited, by virtue of this acquisition, to inherit an outstanding base of customer locations and a great staff of former Williams Food Service employees," Wells said in a prepared statement. With the addition of the Louisville company, the Wells-led Canteen operations now employ nearly 320 individuals. Wells also added, "As is the

case in Owensboro, there is lots of exciting growth and synergies going on in the Louisville region today and we're delighted to join in the action."

In addition to providing full-line food and beverage vending services to business, industrial, health care, education, corrections and leisure account locations, both the Owensboro and Louisville Canteen operations also provide office refreshment and dining services within their respective franchise territories.

Three long time local Canteen veterans — President Gary Schroader, Vice President Keith Sharber and Operations Manager Keith Survant — are a part of the Wells ownership group.

The mobile catering services formerly provided by Williams Food Service were not included in the recent acquisition.