VendScreen Inc. Taps Vending Technology Veterans Stephen Pasker And Erich Markee

VendScreen Inc., inventor of the VendScreen device for new and existing vending machines, has added two full-time members to its team: Stephen Pasker and Erich Markee, who bring more than three decades of combined vending experience.

Pasker was most recently an industry consultant following his departure from Crane Streamware, where he served 11 years. He worked in customer support, documentation and quality assurance, most recently presiding over the implementation team. He has spent more than a decade working with hundreds of vending operators, helping them realize operational efficiencies and improvements.

“Stephen learned about the vending machine industry from the bottom to top,” said Glenn Butler, co-founder and CTO of VendScreen. “He understands the needs of vending machine operators, the challenges they face, and what it takes to improve the profitability of their businesses.”

Erich Markee brings more than 19 years of industry experience to VendScreen. Prior to joining VendScreen, he consulted for several operators, focusing on process development, data analysis, and cash and inventory accountability. Prior to working as a consultant, he was general manager for Next Generation Vending, based in Stoughton, Mass., systems implementation manager for Sodexo Vending Services, and operations manager for A&B Vending in Saugus, Mass. He rolled out Crane Streamware’s vending management system to item level for more than 130 routes, and implemented pre-kitting, dynamic scheduling and various cashless systems for numerous vending operators.

“Both Erich and Stephen add immense depth to VendScreen, Inc. with their tribal vending knowledge,” continued Butler. “We are delighted to have both of these A players on our team as we work to commercialize VendScreen Revolution.”