Entrepreneurs Get Tips On Launching A Food Truck At National Restaurant Association Show

Rolling out a food truck can offer a foodservice entrepreneur a wide variety of options and, equally, a lot of headaches, attendees at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago were told Saturday by Ross Resnick, founder of the food-truck-locating RoamingHunger.com Website, who offered a variety of tips to succeed in the growing foodservice segment in a panel entitled, “Roll Out the Right Way: Starting a Successful Food Truck Program.” For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: This report offers one of the most thorough estimates on the number of gourmet food trucks since they began emerging on the retail landscape a few years ago. Since 2009, the number of trucks listed on the Roaming Hunger website has grown 710 percent, to more than 2,300. More importantly, food truck growth is anticipated to grow another 260 percent by 2014.

The Website referenced in this story, www.RoamingHunger.com, includes a list of food trucks in major markets where consumers can go to view food truck Websites and their menus.

Food trucks are using social media more aggressively than any foodservice channel. All other foodservice channels, including vending and OCS, need to heed this if they want to successfully compete against food trucks.

Food trucks are one of the fastest growing foodservice channels today, along with self checkout micro markets. 05-10-12 By Elliot Maras