Kentucky Automatic Merchandising Council Members Hold First Legislative Day At State Capitol In Frankfurt, Ky.

Members of the Kentucky Automatic Merchandising Council recently met with lawmakers at the Capitol in Frankfurt, Ky. to distribute goody baskets and a “history of candy” t-sort, marking their first legislative day. The event was considered a success, noted Mary Lou Monaghan, senior manager of government affairs at the National Automatic Merchandising Association.

Editor’s Insight: The National Automatic Merchandising Association has done a good job in the last year in providing the organizational and lobbying support that state vending associations need to do an effective job protecting the vending industry from the ever present threat of excessive regulation. Legislators at all levels of government are always looking for new ways to raise funds, and they always pick on industries they perceive as being vulnerable.

More vending operators need to support their state associations. It is a big shame that the majority of vending operators are willing to let others bear the burden of defending their interests. 04-20-12 By Elliot Maras