Grant To Improve Availability Of Low Calorie Food In Memphis, Tenn., Including Vending Machines

A recent grant of nearly $200,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to the Healthy Memphis Common Table is aimed at reducing the caloric value of foods offered outside the home and also offers support to groups that increase the opportunities for physical activity among employees and members, according to The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, Tenn. For the full story, click here.  

Editor’s Insight: The project manager for this community health initiative specifically notes the importance of offering healthier options in school vending machines. Another item in today’s VendingMarketWatch notes that school foodservice operations are recognizing that state-of-the-art vending machines as a useful tool for making healthy food available to students.

Vending product and equipment companies should recognize that community health grants are making funds available to schools for vending machines. While these machines are not usully serviced by vending operators, the growth of these programs is educating youngsters about nutritious options in vending machines. This will result in a customer base that views vending in a more favorable light. 03-30-12 By Elliot Maras