Book Vending Machine Installed At Drug Store In La Vernia, Texas

A vending machine for books has been installed at Lifechek Drug in La Vernia, Texas, where library card-holding members can enter their library card number and check out a book at no charge for up to two weeks, according to The La Vernia News. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: A book vending machine in a drug store? Not something you see every day, and it probably won’t become a trend any time soon.

But think about it. Drug stores, like vending machines, primarily offer convenience. People patronize certain drug stores more than others based on what products they carry.

A book vending machine expands the drug store’s convenience for customers who patronized libraries. Once customers know the machine is there, they will go there when they think it might have a book to check out. And once they are there, they will think about what else they might want from the store.

An Internet search revealed this particular store offers other non-traditional merchandise, such as musical instruments.

The book vending machine in the drug store is a creative idea. 03-29-12 By Elliot Maras