Recycling Center With Reverse Vending Machines Opens In Salem, Ore.

The opening of the Bottle Drop center in Salem, Ore. with reverse vending machines marks the first phase of Oregon's revamped bottle bill that envisions redemption centers gradually replacing retailers for the recycling of bottles and cans under the original 1971 law, according to The Statesman Journal in Portland, Ore. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight:  This article notes that retailers are phasing out their recycling programs as recycling centers emerge. There is a chance that some vending and refreshment service customers may want their service provider to help them with their waste recycling. Operators can do this with reverse vending machines.

Some reverse vending machines break up the bottles and cans. Some scan the container and hold it in the machine and provide the consumer a redeemable receipt for each item recycled.

In many situations, locations get their own recycling machines. Vending or refreshment service operators will find it worth their time to ask customers if they want this service provided for them. 03-21-12 By Elliot Maras