Vistar Corp. Announces ‘Green’ Initiative With Supplier Partners

Vistar Corp. has recently teamed up with supplier companies such as Solo, Berkley Square, Silver Source, Tork and Chinet, to help grow its “green initiative” business program. Vistar and its partners are working towards a cleaner, healthier environment and reducing environmental waste, one recycled plate at a time.

Vistar is committed to making a difference, and the first step begins with the education of its customers. Vistar wants to provide customers with the tools needed to make informative decisions about transitioning to environmentally friendly products and the advantages of buying “green” items from Vistar.

For additional information on Vistar’s “green” initiative, visit the customer center tab on the Vistar web site, For a full list of “green” non-foods items, contact a Vistar representative.

Editor’s Insight: Many product manufacturers serving the vending and refreshment services industry are offering more products that meet consumer demand for environmental friendliness. Operators are aggressively embracing this opportunity.

While it is important for operators to meet customer needs, operators also have to be knowledgeable about what qualifies a product as “sustainable.” Last year’s National Automatic Merchandising Association CoffeeTea&Water event offered an excellent seminar on this topic. To read the article, click here. 03-16-12 By Elliot Maras