Featured In Automatic Merchandiser: U.S. Consumers Favor Single-Cup For Its Convenience

Mintel research reveals that 17 percent of U.S. coffee drinkers say they prefer their coffee one cup at a time, even as instant, ground or whole bean coffee are the most popular choices for the at home barista, according to an article in The March issue of Automatic Merchandiser. To read the article, click here

Editor’s Insight: This Mintel research documents the continued growth of single-cup in the homeowner market. This is why Starbucks recently introduced a new homeowner single-cup unit, as announced last week.

The coffee service industry introduced single-cup to the homeowner market, and the popularity of these homeowner units supports the continued demand for single-cup at the office.

The growth of the homeowner single-cup market has created new pricing pressures for some single-cup products, but coffee service operators shouldn’t lose sight of the bigger picture: the rising awareness of the benefits of single-cup brewing has benefited all coffee retailers. 03-12-12  By Elliot Maras