Michigan State University Honors Prof. Mike Kasavana For Commitment To Intercollegiate Football

Michigan State University (MSU) recently honored Dr. Michael Kasavana, NCE5, National Automatic Merchandising Association’s (NAMA) Endowed Professor at the School of Hospitality Business at MSU, at a reception. 

Kasavana is MSU’s Professor and Faculty Athletic Representative. The National Football Foundation (NFF) and Fidelity Investments are recognizing him for his “commitment to the scholar-athletic ideal and the leadership-building qualities of intercollegiate football. The honor is also on behalf of all MSU faculty for the success of Kirk Cousins, who received a NFF National Scholar-Athlete Award presented by Fidelity Investments last December

As the NAMA Endowed Professor in the School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University, Kasavana’s teaching and research efforts are sharply focused on information technology and transaction settlement systems for self-service and full-service applications in hotel, restaurant, club, and casino environments. In addition to his academic responsibilities, Kasavana serves as the MSU Faculty Athletic Representative to the Big Ten, CCHA, and NCAA conferences and is Chair of the MSU Athletic Council.