Digital Signage Expo® Hosts Several Interactive Vending Machines In Las Vegas

The Digital Signage Expo®, the international conference and tradeshow dedicated digital signage, interactive technology and digital out-of-home networks, introduced numerous innovations at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including several vending machines with interactive videoscreens and other capabilities.

In addition to several vending machine exhibits on the show floor, several vending operators and technology providers were among the attendees at this year’s event.

VE Global Vending Inc. demonstrated  new software tools including a content management system, universal control board applications, near-field communication payment applications, Intel® audience impression metrics suite and product recognition support the operators’ need to control and monitor vending transactions and interactions.

Another section of the Intel Corp. booth featured the Kraft Foods’ dessert sampling machine with age verification software.

Phillips Commercial Signage demonstrated a Coca-Cola beverage machine with a transparent LCD screen.

Another booth featured a SandenVendo glassfront cold beverage machine with a 65-inch transparent touchscreen and anonymous facial recognition that determines gender and age. SandenVendo, Intel, and Okaya Electronics designed the system.

The Digital Signage Expo® is the official show of the Digital Signage Federation and lasts from Tuesday through Thursday, March 6,7 and 8, 2012. For information, go to