Richardsons Discontinue Wow! Foods, Join G & J Marketing Co.

Jimmy Richardson and his sons, Cole and Jason, recently discontinued Wow! Foods, a manufacturer of handheld foods serving the vending and convenience store channels, and have joined G & J Marketing Co., the Palm Harbor, Fla.-based vend product brokerage. The Richardsons operated Wow! Foods for about a year and a half, according to Jimmy Richardson, a longtime food industry veteran.

Richardson said he and his son, Cole, are now independent contractors working as national sales reps for G & J Marketing, while his other son, Jason, is a vice president of operations.

Richardson said AdvancePierre Foods bought Wow! Foods packaging materials and continues to produce certain Wow! Foods products. He said Wow! Foods employed four people in Cincinnati, Ohio and six employees at its Hickory, N.C. headquarters.