Georgia Considers Requiring Healthy Options In School Vending Machines

The Georgia Senate Committee on Education and Youth "favorably reported" and released Senate Resolution 480, "urging local boards of education to adopt policies requiring that vending machines in schools be stocked with healthy options," reported the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA). SR 480 originally was introduced in the Georgia Senate in March 2011 and was referred to the education and youth committee, where it sat until February. SR 480 could be approved by the state senate (and subsequently the house) before the end of the legislative session in April. If SR 480 is approved, its language may set a precedent for any future legislation relative to vending in Georgia. For information, contact Sheree Edwards at NAMA at

Editor’s Insight: This report does not indicate how the bill defines “healthy options.” The state vending association has an opportunity to help the lawmakers define healthy options. No other organization is more aware of what products with high nutritional content are available to the vending trade.

The vending industry needs to view legislative initiatives more as opportunities to provide badly needed expertise rather than as obstacles to growth. 02-28-12 By Elliot Maras