See The Video: Cell Phone Mobile Wallet Device Begins Vending Beta Test

Coin Free uses a Bluetooth reader placed on the vending machine that can communicate the payment into the MDB through both serial (newer machines) and pulse (much older machines) systems. The Virtual Universal Wireless Interface accommodates many phone manufacturers (i.e., Android, Apple, Blackberry) as well as all service carriers. For further information contact Jim Dillingham at 603-774-2222; email:; or Matt Brady 407-657-5971; email: To view the video, click here.  

Editor’s  Insight: This Bluetooth application is currently in beta test. Individuals involved with the test claim the cost structure is competitive with other cashless technologies currently being offered.

The fact that innovations continue to emerge makes it challenging for vending operators to decide what technology to use in looking to offer new services to customers. This should not stop operators from investing in technology. The consumer is changing, and vending operators will lose sales if they do not offer conveniences consumers are using in other retail venues. 02-23-12 By Elliot Maras