Cell Phone Mobile Wallet Device Begins Vending Beta Test

Coin Free, a Winter Park, Fla.-based company that provides credit and debit card payment solutions for various industries, has announced a vending beta test for its cell phone solution in several states. Coin Free uses a Bluetooth reader placed on the vending machine that can communicate the payment into the MDB through both serial (newer machines) and pulse (much older machines) systems.

VUWI has begun beta testing its cell phone commerce program in vending machine locations in several states. With its mobile wallet technology, the Virtual Universal Wireless Interface (VUWI) accommodates many phone manufacturers (i.e., Android, Apple, Blackberry) as well as all service carriers.

VUWI stores the necessary credit card information on a secure server, accessed through the VUWI app which is downloaded for free on each phone. The Bluetooth VUWI reader that connects to each vending machine has the capacity to process credit card payments to a wide variety of new and old vending machines for a very low hardware investment and also surprisingly low merchant fees.

For further information contact Jim Dillingham at 603-774-2222; email: JimD@venducation.com; or Matt Brady 407-657-5971; email: Matt@coinfree.com