Tuffronts Launches Affiliate Membership Program For Vending Operators, Providing Leads

Tuffronts, a provider of vending machine fronts and sides, restyling kits, replacement parts and retrofit kits, is establishing an affiliate membership program for vending operators.

Tuffronts is actively calling on up to 201,000 locations with 100 or more employees. Tuffronts fulfillment department sends out our emails fliers to decision makers once a week. This email is linked to our website which has a request design presentation and competitive proposal form.

Tuffronts  noted there has been a huge response from the locations it is soliciting with increasing demands for our custom graphics, the company noted. Tuffronts is offering custom graphics to these locations.

The design presentation and proposal request by the location is sent directly to Tuffronts. Tuffronts then verifies the lead and notifies its affiliates of the lead’s availability.  The first affiliate to purchase the lead is the affiliate for whom Tuffronts’ graphics department will produce a design presentation. Tuffronts fulfillment department will also set up an appointment for the affiliate.

As an affiliate, Tuffronts research department will supply customers with an up to date list of active locations we are currently soliciting in your area.

The cost of becoming a marketing affiliate with Tuffronts is $995 per county for one year plus $100 per lead the affiliate elects to purchase.

These leads are available to all affiliates on a first come first serve basis.

For information, call 972-406-1989 or visit www.tuffronts.com.