Raleigh, N.C. TV Station Highlights Classic Food Service’ Self Checkout Market At Local Business

WTVD-TV in Raleigh, N.C. ran a segment on Classic Food Services in Durham, N.C.’s self checkout market at a local account. Classic Food Services operates a self checkout market provided by Breakroom Provisions Co. Inc.’s under its own trade name, Village Market. For the full story, click here

Editor’s Insight: From watching this TV news report, it’s hard to believe the self checkout market isn’t a big part of the vending industry’s future.

This report focuses on the manner in which the self checkout market caters to healthy options.

The kiosk in this report includes the Make Informed Nutritional Decisions (MIND) information on the kiosk touchcreen. This is a product developed by Vendors Exchange International Inc. to help vending operator make nutrition information available to customers on vending machines. 01-06-12 By Elliot Maras