See The Video: Denmark Company Develops Countertop Brewer Managed By Smart Phone App

A countertop brewer from Denmark-based Scanomat called “TopBrewer” brews four cups of coffee in one minute from a faucet controlled by a smart phone. A smart phone app can be used to control the machines, keep track of the beverages made, order more coffee beans, display the menu, the machine’s temperature and brewing updates. To view the video, click here

Editor’s Insight: VendingMarketWatch has noted that the smart phone is revolutionizing the vending industry, but here is yet another potential game changing application.

How long will it be before technology like this is available to the U.S. coffee service and vending industry? Does anyone care to make a wager?

Will we live to see the end of the barista?

The pace of change continues to charge forward at an alarming speed. 01-05-12 By Elliot Maras