Unified Strategies Group Selects USA Technologies To Provide Cashless Payment And Wireless Telemetry Solution To Membership

USA Technologies, Inc. announced a new agreement with Unified Strategies Group (USG) to provide the USG membership with USAT's industry cashless payments and wireless telemetry solution. USG has indicated to USAT that it is a buying consortium of over 700 vending companies representing more than 500,000 vending machines, generating over $3 billion in annual vending sales, and that its membership represents approximately 33 percent of the U.S. vending industry. This agreement establishes USA Technologies as an integrated provider of cashless payments and DEX telemetry services to all USG members.

USA Technologies intends to work with USG to market USAT's cashless payment and wireless telemetry solutions to its membership base under the Company's Jump Start program, which allows USG members to install USA Technologies' ePort solution with no upfront capital costs. The USA Technologies' ePort solution for USG has been designed to accept multiple forms of cashless payments, which include credit and debit cards and proprietary cards such as the Sprout Pre-Paid Loyalty card, in addition to providing wireless telemetry services that enables USG members to optimize their route scheduling and pre-loading of their trucks.

Maeve McKenna Duska, vice president of marketing, USA Technologies, Inc., said in a prepared statement, "We are very pleased to have been selected by a great organization like USG. This relationship will allow USG member operators to benefit from our industry-leading ePort cashless payments and wireless telemetry service, and the team at USA Technologies looks forward to delivering maximum value to USG and its members as we proceed. We will also work with the USG operators to take advantage of our ability to accept the Sprout card for payment – a testament to the open and flexible nature of our ePort devices and ePort Connect Services network."