Featured In Automatic Merchandiser: Keynote Speaker At CoffeeTea&Water Event Cites Single-Cup As Biggest Change In Coffee Service

Ross Colbert, global beverage strategist for Rabobank, an international bank, a keynote speaker at the CoffeeTea&Water event in Las Vegas, cited single-cup as the biggest force for change in the coffee service industry. For the full story, click here.

Editor’s Insight: This presentation was one of the most informative seminars during this year’s CoffeeTea&Water event in Las Vegas.

Coffee service operators in most regions of the country have realized that single-cup machines have changed their industry. This presentation by a professional market researcher gave good insight into how single-cup’s popularity is bringing new competitors into the coffee service market and what operators need to consider doing to protect their existing customer base and their profitability.

For the VendingMarketWatch report on this presentation, click here. By Elliot Maras